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A Real Consultation and Not a Sales...

By: JuliaNash | December 1, 2016

A lot of companies say they offer free consultations, but I’ve been around the block enough to know that a lot of those consultations are nothing more than excuses to push whatever the company is trying to unload this week. That’s why my free consultation with Simply Green was such a welcome change.

It wasn’t all about what they had to hawk this week. It was all about what I wanted to replace and helping me choose something that would fill the bill. They asked questions, took my answers into consideration, and even checked the duct system before talking to me about what sort of air conditioner and furnace would fit into my budget. The eco-expert even recommended that I take some time to mull over my choices and let him know if I had any more questions. That was a year ago and I’m still happy with my new furnace and air conditioner.

Simply Green Home Services

112 Market Ave 3rd Floor Winnipeg, MB

category: Heating - Contractors

Keeps Me Happy

By: KristinWillis | December 1, 2016

I’ve never been good about maintenance and general upkeep. Usually nothing gets attention until it stops working. That’s one reason I appreciate the way that Simply Green stays on top of things.

We decided to rent at water tank a year or so back and they’ve been great about letting us know when it’s time to inspect it and make sure everything is okay. Without them being so diligent, I have no doubt that those inspections would slip right by without me noticing. It’s good to know that somebody in this whole wide world is looking our for me instead of leaving me to my own devices.

Simply Green Home Services

10007 80 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB

category: Heating - Contractors

Simply Green Helped Me Choose the...

By: JaneFranks | November 18, 2016

My late husband handled all the repairs around the house, so I panicked when the air conditioning failed. A friend suggested I call Simply Green and arrange for them to inspect the system. They confirmed my worst suspicions but also sat down and talked with me about how to choose a new system that would cost less to operate. The payment terms for the new system were affordable, especially since my power bill is less each month now. They made what could have been a difficult situation so much easier.

Excellent and Affordable AC/HVAC...

By: PM1 | September 10, 2016

We contacted Bill through an online ad. We had been having some AC/Heater issues for the past year and had a pretty old unit (30 years old). Bill came out and did an immediate repair on an issue that got us through the week but also quoted us on a replacement unit. Bill was cordial and accommodating. Offered flexible payment options and quite frankly a very affordable price. Our new unit is better, cooler and looks much better! Thanks Bill for your help and expertise. Highly recommend!

Absolutely Affordable Heating And Cooling

337 Mount Everest Dr Suite C Fenton, MO

category: Heating - Contractors

Best service we have ever had!

By: skipnfran | July 25, 2016

I was totally satisfied with ever aspect of our service. I give the two young men who put the ac in a #10. Their names are Mike and Jimmy, they were so efficient, polite and kind. The young man who wrote the contract up (Matt) was a nice gut too. I will refer your company to anyone who needs a service such as yours! Top of the line!

Thanks for running your business the right way. It does give a person hope.

Frances Asikainen


By: non-member | July 25, 2016

Do not use this company. We hired North Mechanical just before Thanksgiving 2015 to install a heater on our home that we had just purchased. We were told by their sales rep that it would take no more than 2 weeks. The job was finally completed in March 2016 and it was not completed properly. We actually had to hire another company to fix their incompetence. We were lied to on numerous occasions. Even the owners did not seem to care about getting the job done. They promised that we could do one year no interest financing, which was a lie. We were told initially the job would be $3,400 and it ended up being over $8,000. The temperature in our house was 40 degrees most of the winter. It was just the most horrible experience dealing with this company. For your own good please stay away.

A clogged drain in the basement...

By: friarbertofm | July 9, 2016

Dan the plumber arrived on time and began the job immediately. He was alert in his response to properly address the problem with skill and understanding. He responded positively to my questions with explanations that made sense to a layperson. The work was done professionally, leaving no mess or lose ends. Thanks all around. With special mention given to the scheduling lady and her kind telephone manner.

Gas Furnace & A/C Instal

By: FrancesF | July 7, 2016

They did a wonderful job to install both the furnace and A/C. They have been conducting annual service /maintenance checks on my furnace for the past few years. Technicians and office staff are always polite, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend them.

A great investment

By: Dan Ledet | July 2, 2016

I recently replaced my old air conditioner that has been spotty for two years. My friend bought his air conditioner at Maple Air and he said it was a great investment and helped out noticeably in the summer months.

The technicians came in with the air conditioner and installed it efficiently. They were reliable and friendly and it works like a charm.

Maple Air

7581 Jane Street Unit 10 & 11 Concord, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors Heating - Contractors

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