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Humidifier Install

By: mamapod | February 10, 2018

We had a humidifier install done recently after having a new furnace and AC installed last year. After service is very important to us and we could not be any more pleased. Dennis Tokarz set everything up for us quickly and efficiently and Justin Zheng came and did the work for us. We were so impressed with his diligence making sure everything was done perfectly. We highly recommend. Great job guys !!

Mackenzie Plumbing & Heating

915 Fleury St Regina, SK

category: Heating - Contractors

Job well done.

By: dmwhynot | December 6, 2017

The job consisted of removing an old oil furnace, oil hwt and HRV and replace it with a new propane furnace, hwt and an updated HRV. The sales staff where helpful and knowledgeable about their products, what the competition offered and understood my needs. The install staff were respectful of the house and left me minimum cleanup after they finished the job. Post installation inspection issues from the gas company was dealt with fully and in a timely manner. Overall well satisfied with the products, workmanship and the company in general. Highly recommended.

AirZone HVAC Services Inc.

174 Colonnade Road, #27 Ottawa, ON

category: Heating - Contractors


By: muchlake | August 31, 2017

Upon purchasing an old home, we found that the furnace rental was with Simply Green. Suffice it to say, our choices were to continue with extremely high monthly rental, or to do an outright purchase, at a price which far exceeded the price to purchase a brand new system. So if you deal with these people, go in with your eyes open, and shop for comparable was close to double the price of a local reputable established firm. And service is NOT available, even if you stay on the line for 20 minutes or so! Very frustrating!!!! Don't DO IT!!!!

Really good experience.

By: tiffaren | August 26, 2017

Called in a panic, my ac went out. All the companies I called were trying to schedule an appointment into next week and the dispatchers were rude. Finally, called MSP and was able to get an appointment just a couple hours after my call. Tech was courteous and knowledgeable, figured out what was causing my ac to not work, and in no time i had cool air again. It was awesome the customer service i received and the actual ac service. I recommend to all who need repairs, do yourself a favor and give them a call.

Honest, responsive, reliable

By: sueram | August 11, 2017

When our furnace conked out years ago, we called on a company that had a nice advertisement in the local home services flyer. When they were unable to fix the problem, we asked around for referrals. My father-in-law reco'd Robert. He came in and quickly diagnosed the problem (humidifier was leaking into furnace; circuit board corroded). He ordered the part and repaired the furnace quickly. Since that first visit, we've had him return to relocate our humidifier, service our furnace, and repair our A/C. He has always fully resolved our issues quickly, and at a reasonable cost. I will continue to call on Robert for all things HVAC for as long as he chooses to run his business.

Robert Aire Heat-Cool Systems

40 Avenue Thornhill, ON

category: Heating - Contractors

Best Customer Service - Best Repairs...

By: non-member | March 14, 2017

For years we have had issues with our gas fireplace. It would be great at the start of the season, and then slowly it would fail to ignite, and/or when it was going, shut itself off for no reason. Every year we would hire one or two different local companies to come and fix the problem and every year - the same problems would re-occur. Eventually we hired G.Little Electric to come, and FINALLY the problem was fixed once and for all! We have had NO MORE problems with our fireplace, and it has worked perfectly ever since! We should have hired them right from the start - and from now on will hire them exclusively for all our home repairs! Thank you G.Little!

G.Little Electric

1900 Camrose St Penticton, BC

category: Heating - Contractors

Poor workmanship and warranty on work

By: Dbm | February 25, 2017

Had Clow Darling install an expensive furnace. Cut holes too big for pipes and left big gaps in walls. Furnace has not worked correctly since installed. Bought extended warranty and had 3 blower motors replaced. Obviously there was an issue with faulty parts and installation as same problem continued. Company would not review installation or service issues. Repair specialist disconnected exhaust pipe plugged with plastic bag and hockey puck. Then sent bill for 1000$ for the improper repairs.

Clow Darling Limited

1201 Cameron St Thunder Bay, ON

category: Heating - Contractors

No Worries About Hot Water Anymore!

By: JeannieMcKinnon | January 31, 2017

There was a time when I lived in fear of running out of hot water in the morning. Who likes a tepid shower? My new water heater not only uses less energy, it provides me with a steady supply of hot water for everything from the morning shower to running the dishwasher. Life is so much simpler now. Thank you Simply Green!

Simply Green Home Services

10007 80 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB

category: Heating - Contractors

I Can Cook Without Using Bottled...

By: TerrellGreene | January 31, 2017

The tap water had such a metallic taste that I couldn’t use it to boil anything. After talking with Simply Green about a whole-house filtration system, the water is just fine. It’s so nice to pass by the bottled water in the supermarket and know that I will never need it again. Excuse me while I go prepare a nice cup of tea using my tap water))

Simply Green Home Services

112 Market Ave 3rd Floor Winnipeg, MB

category: Heating - Contractors

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