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This is a Professional, Unbiased HVAC...

By: CherylN | June 11, 2016

I called Kyle Mechanical for some help with an AC unit that is over 20 years old. Don was thankfully available meet and inspect the system about an hour after the call. A full AC Inspection was done, and it seems that he left no stone unturned. What I appreciated most, on top of Melanie(?) answering the phone so quickly, and being creative in how to resolve issues that I had regarding what to do, and when I needed it done by, (was on a tight schedule), meeting with Don was just as helpful, especially on such short notice. What I experienced was not a pushy salesperson that saw an opportunity to get a new system installed. He took his time, looked over every bit of it, including the duct work in the attic and was very unbiased. He stated what the areas of opportunity were, and he also emphasized what was good about the existing system. Our particular situation was that the biggest problem we had was that if the HVAC system broke down, it would be difficult and expensive to get parts...


Financial Issues with the company

By: ufathom | June 8, 2016

After 3-years as a reliable business client and without any warning, West-Tech Air Solvency stopped paying their outstanding purchase orders. This brings up concerns about the financial health of West-Tech Air Solvency. Apparently, several key staff have been laid off over the past several months. Before considering this company as a vendor, I strongly suggest asking to review their financial statements to ensure delivery. If you're performing services for them, I strongly suggest requesting full payment upfront.

Hopefully the staff that were laid off were able to find some jobs elsewhere, since I had friends there. It's disappointing that the company is struggling and hopefully their management is able to sort things out.

Westech Air Corp

5074 80 Ave SE Calgary, AB

category: Heating - Wholesalers

Great air conditioning service and...

By: dschoffer | May 19, 2016

Reliance Mackenzie Plumbing and Heating did an excellent service on our AC unit. Stephanie W. provided very customer friendly phone service and booked us in on only one day's notice. Maziar K came out and did a very thorough cleaning, inspection and service of our AC. Our AC unit was freezing up with ice forming on the outside of the pipes going into the cooling air ducts. Two years ago we had this problem and the technicians could not solve the problem. Maziar found the issue in minutes, that there was insufficient air flow. Then he recommended a cost effective solution - quit paying premium money for the expensive 3M micro particle air filters unless you have severe allergies. The 3M filters can only remove the tiny particles in the air by blocking air flow with a barrier that is difficult for air to pass through. We are now using inexpensive air filters and the AC unit is working great.

Stephanie and Maziar also helped us with a basic maintenance plan that has reduced our annual furnace and AC maintenance costs for the same level of service that we have always received.

I would highly recommend Reliance Mackenzie, especially Maziar and Stephanie.

Mackenzie Plumbing & Heating

915 Fleury St Regina, SK

category: Heating - Contractors


By: hensontrue | May 14, 2016

These guys are awesome. I needed my bathroom tub unclogged and they came out... on time too !!!. they were respectful, honest and professional people. They took care of my situation and was done in no time. Val does not play around with his profession...He is serious and passionate and very experience about his work. He even gave me pointers on how to keep my drain from clogging again. I would recommend anybody to use Affordable Fixes for their plumbing, heating and cooling needs. The cost was really, really affordable and I will call on them again for life. They were a GOD sent. thanks you.

Best Furnace Service

By: eliscott | March 29, 2016

Our furnace started giving off a burning smell and I called H & C, They got back to me within an hour and came that same morning. The motor was seized and he was able to replace it with a new motor as well as giving our furnace a general service cleaning and had the furnace up and running within an hour. Great service, would highly recommend.

H & C Heating & Cooling

78 Celestine Dr Etobicoke, ON

category: Heating - Contractors

Over Pricing

By: non-member | February 17, 2016

The company has two sets of pricing??. Charges for parts and labor are not listed on invoices. This occurrence leads to deception. Who charges over $300 for a toilet flush master that costs less than $10 for the full kit and replacement of two toilet wax rings with bolts that they did not supply.


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